2014 PGCCT Programs

Mark your calendars for the 2014 Programs.


February 10

Trust Revival: Are CRT’s Making a Comeback?

Rhonda Brink, Law Offices of Rhonda Brink


April 28

What Makes Donors Give?

Bill Bludworth, Stelter


August 18

Developing a Multichannel Planned Giving Marketing Program

Tim Logan, Ruffalo Cody


September 22

Behind the Door: What Really Happens When Clients and Attorneys Meet

Lois Ann Stanton and Michael Knisely, Osborne, Helman, Knebel, and DeLeery


November 17

Fiduciary: Amateur vs. Professional

David Redding, Frost Wealth Advisors


December 15

Strategies for Cultivating and Soliciting Couples

Betty Hewell, Seton Foundation