Member Benefits


For Fundraisers (generalists)

  • We’re the first resource for those who want to know more about philanthropic planning, or who would like to have access to those who know more.
  • We offer programs in both the art and science of philanthropic planning.
  • We’re the source for best practices, both locally and nationally, through our association with CGP.
  • We’re not exclusive—we’re a safe place for the newbie; we’re friendly and inclusive.
  • We provide regular luncheon meetings with speakers and special programming.

For Advisors (attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, etc.)

  • We are the place to meet clients, potential clients, and referral sources.
  • We offer a competitive edge over advisors who don’t know about philanthropic planning or haven’t met nonprofits in their community.
  • We can show advisors how to evaluate whether a nonprofit is a good investment for clients; how to gain access to top nonprofit people.

For the Public (donors, recipients of charity services, elected officials, regulators, the media)

  • We promote industry-accepted standards that make giving safe and protect donors from abuse - assuring them their philanthropy is supported by an honorable profession.
  • We advocate for legislative/regulatory conditions that make giving easier.
  • Philanthropy is an important American tradition; we help donors establish a philanthropic legacy and become part of that tradition.

For Business Partners/Sponsors

  • The Council is the primary place in the Central Texas community where gift planners can be found, for those who seek that target market.
  • Business partners have a vested interest in helping the council achieve its mission, since we are the pipeline for their business.

For Other Fundraising Related Professional Organizations  

  • We teach their members to have donor conversations at the highest level.
  • We offer mentoring and other resources that help their members understand gift planning.
  • We recognize that partnership is challenging among organizations that are essentially competitors—we are seeking collaborations that benefit the entire community.