A Practical Look at Assessing Your Gift Planning Program

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Nonprofits requesting gifts of appreciated assets grow consistently and rapidly. With the Baby Boomer generation actively passing along their wealth, organizations have an estimated 10 years to institutionalize gift planning culture to maximize the peak of the wealth transfer.

This session explores how nonprofits can strategically evaluate, grow, and shift fundraising efforts from a typical cash-only model to one which actively pursues non-cash assets. The session will provide practical advice and guidance for organizations of all sizes and for professionals with varying levels of gift planning expertise.

Donor Stories in Planned Giving Marketing – To Use or Not to Use

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The planned giving industry assumes that donor stories are an effective way to inspire other donors and to increase engagement, including response, in marketing materials. But what is it about donor stories that inspires prospective donors to make gifts? Could certain donor stories have the opposite effect and decrease engagement and response?

Myths and Realities of Bequest Fundraising

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Estate gifts in the form of wills, trusts, and beneficiary designations (loosely referred to as “bequests”) are the foundation of post-death charitable gifts. 70% to 80% of all realized deferred gifts are in the form of bequests. The bequest is ubiquitous no matter the size of the charity, the charitable sector, or the sophistication of the planned giving program.

Integrated Gift Planning Marketing For This Generation

For many years ‘Planned Giving’ was an afterthought to everyday fundraising. Often relegated in the mind of many to the realm of estate gifts. Today, however financial world is evolving quickly and is impacting much of what we do in the philanthropic world. Positioning the message into every fundraising communication, we will consider the collaborative ways we can ways we can educate donors and resource our team so we can accept gifts of every asset from NFT’s to trees. Learn from an award winning planned giving marketer, how integrating the message of gift planning can change everything for your non-profit shop.

I Don’t Know Anything about You…Introducing Gift Planning into Conversations with Many

Description Most often charities, their staff and Board members have no idea how to introduce gift planning into a conversation with a prospect except the occasional suggestion of including the charity in a will. This session will address that need, using scripted sentences to introduce gift planning ideas and concepts to most individuals by talking…

Online Estate Planning: How Does It Work and How Can Your Non-Profit Use It? What Does This Mean For Estate Planning Lawyers and Financial Planners?

Truluck's North

Topic: Online Estate Planning: How Does It Work and How Can Your Non-Profit Use It? What Does This Mean For Estate Planning Lawyers and Financial Planners? Speakers Brantley Boyett - President of GivingDocs Inspired by the opportunity to improve access to estate planning through technology, Brantley co-founded Giving Docs in 2015 after a decade as…

10 Principles for Gift Planning Program Success: Practical Application of CGP’s National Standards for Gift Planning Success

Description The National Association of Charitable Gift Planners has recently adopted National Standards for Gift Planning Success (NSGPS). In this session, those principles will come to life as we example ten principles that will ensure gift planning success for all gift planning programs, whether large or small. Whether you are building basic gift planning program…

Success Secrets of The Intentional Networker

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Description Many networking experts will tell you that networking more is the secret to attracting and building rewarding relationships. Patti DeNucci, author of the award-winning success guide The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals and Results in Business, begs to differ. She believes networking success comes from being more intentional in how you network.  Here’s your opportunity to…

Real Estate = Abundant Opportunities for Donors and Charities

Topic: Real Estate = Abundant Opportunities for Donors and Charities Summary: Real Estate is an incredible opportunity not only for donors, but also for the charities. For most donors, real estate assets create challenges and charities have a tremendous opportunity to solve these challenges provided the charity designs systems that are consistent, workable, and successful…

Valuation issues of art and collectibles for charitable deduction or estate tax value

Topic: Valuation issues of art and collectibles for charitable deduction or estate tax value Speakers Jeff Glosser UT Austin and Michelle Castro, Heritage Auctions Jeff Glosser has served in the Gift and Estate Planning office since 1997. Previously, he was with American Trust Company in New England and US Bank in Cincinnati (formerly First National…